For this week’s “Songs You Don’t Know By Heart” video Jimmy Buffett performs the song “Something So Feminine About a Mandolin“. The song has only been performed live once in back on June 14, 1997.

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For any of the past 40 summers, you could find Jimmy Buffett standing on a stage somewhere playing with his Coral Reefer Band.

Of course this year, he’s stuck at home, as high and dry as the rest of us.

Correspondent Tracy Smith asked, “You’ve been talking about taking a summer off for, what, 40 years now?”

“Yeah. This isn’t quite what I had in mind, Tracy!” he laughed “But you know, what’s that – ‘Make lemonade outta lemons’? The interesting thing is, with all of the tragedy and the serious things that are goin’ on, I’m having to deal with it and I talked to a lot of the people, you find some silver linings in all this. And that’s what we’re doing, like, for family and for band.”

He’s been using some of his time in quarantine doing online concerts, often for first responders.

“You know, historically you think about it, in times like this you still have to have a little fun,” Buffett said. “You still have to have a rest from what’s going on. And I knew that that was the case, because a lot of healthcare workers and doctors I’ve known for a long time have used my music in operating rooms and emergency rooms to calm down.”

And lately he’s been able to share new music:  His just-released album, “Life on the Flip Side,” is already getting rave reviews, for its good-time anthems, and songs like this:   

Well, we could use some quiet
We could use a little calm
Find the good in everybody
Share that “one love” balm
Watch the predators and prey
Swim along side by side
‘Neath the blue sky and mangroves
Down at slack tide
 “Slack Tide” by Jimmy Buffett

A slack tide is that moment just before the tide turns, when the water is calm and the world seems to take a beat,” Buffett said.

“There’s something about the natural process of the world and the universe that allows you the time to kind of take a breath,” he said. “And it seems that a lot of people aren’t doing that now. … It’s not, ‘You’ve got to solve every problem,’ or like everything everybody else does, but everybody needs to take a little breath. And that’s one of the underlying kind of messages in these songs.”

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For the first “Songs You Don’t Know By Heart” video Jimmy Buffett performs the song “The Captain and the Kid”. Jimmy’s daughter Delaney asks him why he has only performed the song 6 times in his career and he responds where did you get that from … BuffettNews.com.

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From Jimmy Buffett’s Facebook page: Coming soon “Songs You Don’t Know By Heart” directed by his daughter Delaney Buffett

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Jimmy Buffett taped an interview for CBS Sunday Morning that is scheduled to air later this month.

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Jimmy Buffett is scheduled to appear on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Monday July 20th to promote his new album “Life on the Flip Side“. The episode will also feature David Schwimmer and Alison Brie.

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From the Sag Harbor Express: “Sag Harbor Chiropractor Pens Song for Jimmy Buffett“

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It’s got a rock & roll feel and a Jimmy Buffett sound, of course, but the surf anthem “Hey, That’s My Wave” originally sprang from the mind of Sag Harbor chiropractor, surfer and musician Dr. Glenn Goodman.

The song appears on Mr. Buffett’s latest album, “免费ssr公众号” which was released in May.

“Surf spots are filling up all over the world,” Dr. Goodman observed during an interview last week. “There are no more secret spots.”

It’s that sense of invasion, underscored in the defiant refrain, “Hey, that’s my wave,” that drove Dr. Goodman to pen the song. “Surfing’s gone hip, all over the world.”

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写给小白的酸酸乳使用方法(酸酸的用法也差不多) – 沧水 ...:2021-3-22 · 蒙牛酸酸乳是什么意思?蒙牛酸酸乳是什么梗?蒙牛酸酸乳是谁?这个梗又是从何而来?为什么一瞬间就有好多人使用这个梗?为什么大家都在蒙牛酸酸乳?相信不少同学都很想了解这个梗,下面就让小编来为大家介绍一下蒙牛酸酸乳梗的详细内容。

“The other day, we passed 40 people and six dogs on a 16 mile ride,” he said.
While his day job is helping to heal the people of the East End, he devotes a lot of his time to songwriting and surfing. Which is how he came to know Mr. Buffett.

The two men first met when Mr. Buffett came for a treatment with Dr. Goodman’s wife, and fellow chiropractor, Dr. Suzanne Kirby. But it was waiting for a wave off the beach in Montauk when he really got to know Mr. Buffett.

“We were sitting out on the water just talking, sharing stories,” Dr. Goodman said. “And then we went to breakfast.”

The two became friends and bonded over surfing.

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Mr. Buffett took the song and, according to Dr. Goodman, said he was going to “Buffett-ize” it. That is, give it a sound easily identifiable as a Jimmy Buffett song. Fans will recognize the congas, steel drums and twangy, Dick Dale-style surf guitar throughout the song.

One morning, recalled Dr. Goodman, he woke up to find an email with a video of Mr. Buffett performing, “Hey, That’s My Wave.”

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The experience was an interesting one for Dr. Goodman, who noted “we actually co-created a derivative of my original song.” He added that he even got to sing on the chorus, which he recorded from vacation in Costa Rica.

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